Home Batteries – Are They Worth It?

Recently, as a reaction to the announcements from various electricity retailers that they were reducing feed-in tariffs (mostly down to 6.7 cents/kWh), there was a 16% spike in enquiries for home battery installations. People with solar systems were obviously angry about having the value of their electricity exports downgraded and thought that it was timeContinue reading “Home Batteries – Are They Worth It?”

Hydrogen – The Clean Energy Fuel?

Opportunity or Scam? Much is being claimed about how hydrogen should be seen as one of the candidates to help us reach a clean energy future. Many governments and business leaders have been convinced that hydrogen is a very good replacement for oil-based products and Japan, Australia, the US and the Europeans have jumped onContinue reading “Hydrogen – The Clean Energy Fuel?”

Welcome to 2050

What it is like living with Net Zero and how we got hereā€¦ Welcome to net zero in 2050! To understand what net zero looks like and what it means for our every day life, it is all about electricity. Now, electricity fuels our home, our cars, our industry and just about anything that canContinue reading “Welcome to 2050”